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  • Hi Carlos A brief note to thank you for the unbelievable service you offered hanging our entire house of mirrors and art work. Wow - what a difference it makes to have it professionally done. You were incredibly efficient, clean and your advice was invaluable. I really appreciated you coming back the next day to hang that one painting we forgot!!! I will certainly be telling all my friends about you. Thanks again. Belinda
  • Carlos hung some 35 pieces of art, pictures and mirrors at our new home in early June. Not only did he work really efficiently in hanging these pieces, his sense of layout, balance, positioning and spacing is superb. We are really happy with the work that Carlos did for us and the price was very reasonable.
  • John and Judy Noble

    Thank you Carlos. You have turned our new house into our home now that you have installed all our favourite paintings in such an innovative and exciting way. It was a pleasure working with you.
  • Laura Schmith, St. Lucia

    I had Carlos in my house to hang my family photos last week. He placed the photos on the floor and once I was happy with the design, the photos were installed beautifully and very fast! Everybody comments how great my photos look. Thank you Carlos and I'll definitely use you again in the future.
  • We purchased an absolutely beautiful mirror from Reflect Mirrors, Windsor at about 2pm on a Friday afternoon. We enquired with the owners of the shop if they knew of any one who could hang it due to its weight. Automatically they said Carlos. When do you want it hung. Today came the reply. Don't fancy your chances was the response. Being optimistic it never hurts to ask. Carlos offered to pick the mirror up on his way through but wouldn't be able to get to our house until around 630pm that evening. True to his word he showed up on time and hung the mirror securely to the wall. We can walk past with confidence knowing it won't fall down. Carlos also offered advise on other pieces of art and ideas on hanging items. We were amazed at how quick Carlos responded to our request and his professionalism. We would without doubt use him again and recommend him to our friends. Thanks Carlos.
  • Meredith Jackson, New Farm

    Hi Carlos - thanks so much for your fantastic help. I just kept sitting around the rooms looking at the new walls. Here are some words for your new site, you can use all or some of them: Think you know where and how to hang artworks and photos? You do until you see Carlos at work. Carlos will turn your home, office, store into a gallery - no matter how humble the items he has to work with. All that, plus he's cheerful and reasonable . The best few dollars you'll ever spend on decorating.
  • Susan Martin

    Carlos recently repositioned some of my existing art work and hung several new pieces and a large mirror. The overall effect was amazing. Pieces I have always loved now look even better and the overall effect is delightful. Carlos was punctual, patient, pleasant, courteous and professional. He has a real artistic flare and is obviously passionate about his craft. I look forward to working with Carlos again some time soon and am more than happy to recommend his service to anyone wishing to enhance their environment through art.
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